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Amigo A


Turbo Magic x Rubinstein
Geboren 20-04-2005.

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Amigo als volwassen paard.

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Turbo Magic

Turbo Magic is a stallion with a very promising dressage pedigree with Cabochon and Cocktail, two famous dutch producers of dressage horses. Turbo has been approved as a KWPN stallion, has succesfully completed the 70 day test and has been breeding for two years.The KWPN has concluded that his first offspring was not good enough and has cancelled the stallion license. When his offspring develops well enough this could be changed again later.

Turbo has achieved a good ranking in the Finale of the PAVO Cup in 2004 and has won the title Future Stallion at the International Stallion Show in Zwolle 2005 with excellent results and many compliments from the jury for his forward riding. Succesfull with an eighth ranking in the final of the World Championships of 5 year old horses.

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Rubinstein presteerde internationaal in de dressuursport. Rubinstein I is een product uit de wereldberoemde dressuurstam van Herbert de Baey. Ook de fameuze dressuurpaarden Amon, Ahlerich en Rembrandt komen uit deze familie. Uit zijn korte dekperiode heeft Rubinstein I meer dan 75 goedgekeurde zonen achtergelaten en een reeks uitzondelijke sportpaarden.

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Stamboek Amigo

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